Abstracts Now Closed

One of the most important parts of the 30th IAGS will be the presentation of abstracts. Our theme for the 2024 conference is “Applied Geochemistry for a Sustainable Future”.

This has been broadened out into the following sub-themes (please below for full descriptions).


Presentations may be made in one of the following modes: • Oral Presentation (20 minutes including Q&A)
• Poster Presentation


The final decision will be determined by the Local Organising Committee.


Abstracts are now CLOSED
Notification to authors: week of 15 April 2024
Program announced: 1 May 2024

IAGS Conference: 14-18 October 2024

Conference Themes

Our Programming Committee has prepared the following sub-themes for the conference, we request that all Abstracts conform to one of these areas. If it crosses over into more than one, please select the theme that most closely represents it.

Environment: Delving into the impact of Applied Geochemistry to understand the environment, exploring strategies and solutions to address challenges through the application of geological and chemical principles. This theme includes hydrogeochemistry, remediation and monitoring, acid mine drainage, critical zone, regional surveys, mine waste remediation and acid sulfate soils.

Exploration: Focussing on resource exploration, examining how Applied Geochemistry contributes to the discovery and sustainable utilisation of Earth’s resources, fostering discussions on innovative exploration techniques and technologies. This theme includes mineral deposit footprints, mineral chemistry for exploration, case studies - integration of dataset, regional geochemical surveys, characterisation and detection through cover, regolith zone geochemistry.

Processing: Addressing geochemical processing methods, investigating efficient and environmentally conscious ways to extract, refine, and process Earth’s materials while minimising ecological impacts. This theme includes ore body knowledge and geometallurgy. 

Technology: Emphasising the intersection of technology and geochemistry, exploring cutting-edge advancements and applications, showcasing how technological innovations enhance the field’s capabilities and contribute to a sustainable future. This theme includes portable technologies, advances in geochemical analysis, and an International Association for Mathematics in Geosciences hosted session - Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning Algorithms in Geochemistry’.

Research: Dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge, highlighting ongoing geochemical research, providing a platform for researchers to share findings, methodologies, and insights crucial for shaping the future of Applied Geochemistry. This theme includes stable isotope geochemistry, geochronology, microanalysis and non-conventional isotope systems.

Society: Examining the broader societal implications, discussing how Applied Geochemistry can contribute to sustainable development and societal well-being, emphasising the role of geochemical practices in fostering a harmonious relationship between humanity and the Earth.This theme includes soil science, viticulture, geochemistry of forensics, archaeology, gems etc, geochemistry for inclusion and diversity (WOMEESA hosted session) and geochemistry and geoethics. 



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